Our philosophy
We passionately believe that awareness is the key to individual and organisational success. Awareness of your goals, context and resources will allow you to make responsible and effective decisions which take into account your needs and those of others. We create intensive learning experiences that allow participants to learn immediately transferable skills in the context of their current jobs. During the sessions your staff will be fully engaged in a dynamic learning situation which addresses both the intellectual and emotional sides of learning and can lead to sustained learning over time.

Morea Training offers a suite of empowering participative experiential team development programmes that respond to real needs in a solution-focussed manner.

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Teams we have worked with report the most visible changes in
  • motivation
  • team effectiveness
  • assertiveness

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Attitude shift

The self-awareness activities we employ initiate long-term development for the individual and the whole team. Participants gain a deeper awareness of how their attitude impacts the team. The process acts as a catalyst creating the need in the participants to autonomously continue working on their mindset after the training.

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Custom-made solutions

Focussing on the actual needs of our clients, we create unique solutions for each team we work with.

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Intensive learning experience

Our activities provide opportunities for participants to step out of their comfort zones. Facilitated discussions in which participants reflect on the strategies they used and the roles they assumed help them commit to actions. ​


Our intensive learning experiences are built on the principles of experiential learning. Participants engage in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills and clarify values.

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Horváth Irma
Managing Director