Our philosophy
We passionately believe that awareness is the key to individual and organisational success. Awareness of your goals, context and resources will allow you to make responsible and effective decisions which take into account your needs and those of others. We create intensive learning experiences that allow participants to learn immediately transferable skills in the context of their current jobs. During the sessions your staff will be fully engaged in a dynamic learning situation which addresses both the intellectual and emotional sides of learning and can lead to sustained learning over time.
Irma Horvath
Head of Learning
Managing Director

Irma has been teaching, training, coaching and facilitating for over 10 years.

She worked in Spain, the UK, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, and Hungary as an educator and learning & development specialist.

She is proud to have had the opportunity to support a variety of people, including teachers, managers, and ministry officials in contexts ranging from the British Council to multinational companies.