Our philosophy
We passionately believe that awareness is the key to individual and organisational success. Awareness of your goals, context and resources will allow you to make responsible and effective decisions which take into account your needs and those of others. We create intensive learning experiences that allow participants to learn immediately transferable skills in the context of their current jobs. During the sessions your staff will be fully engaged in a dynamic learning situation which addresses both the intellectual and emotional sides of learning and can lead to sustained learning over time.
Irma Horvath
Head of Learning
Managing Director

Irma has been teaching, training, coaching and facilitating for over 10 years.

She worked in Spain, the UK, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, and Hungary as an educator and learning & development specialist.

She is proud to have had the opportunity to support a variety of people, including teachers, managers, and ministry officials in contexts ranging from the British Council to multinational companies.
Eva Szalai
Business Development Manager

Eva is an economist and HR consultant with a focus on recruitment and learning & development. She gained first-hand experience in the processes of HR as the HR director of a non-profit organisation. She has extensive experience in creating and customising development programmes that are built on the principles of experiential learning.

In her free time she participates in the organisation of programmes that promote the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity in young adults.
Thanks again for this fantastic day on behalf of our entire team. Following the training I received a lot of positive feedback from the group. I hope this was just the first in a long line of trainings. ​

​(Starbucks Hungary​)
I took part in a training recently, which was set up and facilitated by Irma Horváth with great competence and dedication. It was an exceptionally useful experience. The style was somewhat different from other trainings I partook in the past. The main goal here was to focus specifically on the development of emotional competence. The training served both as an “energizing” and “charging” event and occasionally it turned into a very useful forum for case study discussions. The two days were incredibly valuable for me as an executive, as it enabled me to build a more personal connection with my colleagues.

(Gyula Vattamány )
I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Ms Irma Horvath with regard to her work for the Ministry of Education Malaysia. Irma has been very responsive to our needs. We have found her to be patient, congenial, hard-working and a pleasant person to work with. She has always provided us with solutions to the many challenges we have faced and her out-going personality has made working with her a joyful and productive experience. ​

( Dr Jayanti S Sothinathan)
Our trainer created a custom-made learning process for us by incorporating our previous discussions about our goals. During the two-day training she closely monitored our verbal and non-verbal signs and she adjusted the training according to these, to allow us to make the most out of this experience. Her approach was professional but at the same time sensitive. She shared her observations, but let us to interpret what has happened during the activities and she let us draw our own conclusions. By the end of the process self- confidence had grown within the group, and the volume of pro-active feedback had increased too. We were able to create a platform where we could safely share our thoughts and express our feelings. Throughout the training we were fully present. This was without a doubt the result of the trainer’s competence and the chosen methodology. We left the venue with renewed energy and a concrete action plan, which strengthened our group, and ensured the coordination of the priorities of various members of the management who represent our organizational units. During the process fundamental issues, regarding our outlook, were clarified.

(Péter Fazekas)
Together with my executive colleagues, I took taken part in two trainings recently, both led by Irma Horváth. I participated in numerous trainings in the past, but these were outstanding thanks to the exceptional competence, enthusiasm and flexibility of the facilitator. Several months after the actual training I still think back at it with enthusiasm and everything I learnt still is fresh and active in my mind. In the course of the discussions we discovered that some elements and improvements can be integrated into our work straight away, and we still feel strongly motivated to work on our own personal development. Most importantly, I wish that all my colleagues (and other people, of course) would be able to experience this powerful training. ​

(mɔːˈrɪə) noun, Latin for the mulberry family

A mythological symbol of wisdom, support, and conscious patience. A mulberry tree doesn’t blossom until the last danger of frost has passed. However, when the right time arrives it blossoms fully within twenty-four hours.

We felt the mulberry is a fitting symbol for our work, thus it inspired our name choice. A change that motivates personal development is just as spectacular as the blossoming of a mulberry tree. We need conscious patience in order not only to wait for the forming of a new, positive habits, but also to appreciate and enjoy the journey that takes us there.